Life insurance is about life, your life. It's about how you want to live your life right now and 20 years from now. It's also about how your loved ones will live their lives when you're gone. In these uncertain times life insurance is a must to have in anyone's financial toolbox. You and your family deserve to have life insurance coverage you can count on – in good times and bad.


Whether you need life insurance coverage for a specific period of time or are planning for the future and need a permanent policy that builds cash value. With over 30 years of brokerage expertise, we can guarantee you the best prices from the most competitive companies. We also specialize in helping people with medical issues get approved for coverage.

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COMBO Life + Disability

Enter the new revolutionary solution: Life/Disability/Long-Term Care "combination" insurance policy. Some of the highlights include: •Up to $9,900 per month of tax-free Disability benefits •Whatever disability benefits are not used will be paid out tax free as a lump sum Death benefit. •Eliminates the "use it or lose it" risk associated with traditional (and pricey) stand alone Disability & Term Life insurance policies.

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75% of people suffer from failing life insurance policies! A Policy Performance Evaluation integrates existing policy coverage and performance analysis with your life insurance needs and current product efficiencies. The policy you bought may have been suited for the time in life but it may no longer be the case.

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